Pouch of 7 Reusable Make Up Pads

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Ethical and Sustainable: Made with GOTS certified organic cotton. 
Handmade in Ireland 
Zero waste
Diameter: Approximately 8cm
Label made of 100% recycled PET

The pouch is made of upcycled fabric purchased at local charity shops. It is our philosophy to upcycle fabric when possible while also supporting great causes around the country. 

Our reusable make-up pads are double sided and made of 3 layers of organic cotton.

One side is made of one layer of super soft absorbing cotton and the other is made of micro-sponge which is gently exfoliating.

There is an additional layer in between, made of cotton fleece, which is water repellent. This means the cleansing product you use on one side won't be absorbed and transferred onto the other side. Plus, this extra layer gives the pad extra padding.

How to use and wash your reusable make up pads?


  1. Wash before first use
  2. Put product on your pad (it also works great with just water). Clean your face.
  3. Rinse with warm water & soap. Reuse a few times.
  4. When dirty, put in a mesh wash bag, wash at 40° and leave to air dry.
These instructions come with each order on recycled product cards.


Why make the switch to reusable make up pads?

  • The production of 1kg of standard cotton uses as much as 20,000 liters of water 💦
  • Growing standard cotton involves the use of chemicals which are harmful to your skin, the planet and the health of cotton field workers. These chemicals often remain in the cotton pad itself ☠️

Those are just two of many good reasons.

Now, say I am using an average of 6 disposable cotton pads a day, that's 180-186 a month and 2,190 a year! The negative environmental impact can easily be avoided.