Shower Mitts

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Ethical and Sustainable: Made with GOTS certified organic cotton terry. 
Very soft
Undyed and unbleached
Dimensions: Approximately 15x20cm
Sewn in loop for hanging: The loop is made of 90% recycled cotton.
Label made of 100% recycled PET

Our shower mitt is perfect if you feel like washing your face and body with your hands is just not enough. Combined with a natural soap and it will guarantee you a deep clean. 

The cotton we use is 100% organic and GOTS certified, which means it is suitable for both normal and sensitive skins. 


How to use and wash your washcloth mitt? 


  1. Wash before first use
  2. Put your hand in the mitt, humidify and lather with a bit of soap.
  3. Start washing your body gently. Start from the top (head first) and wash your way down.
  4. Rinse your mitt and leave to air dry until your next shower. For that you can use the sewn in loop for hanging.
  5. After a few uses, put in a mesh wash bag and wash at 40°.
  6. You can use the tumble dryer. However we would recommend to air dry the mitt.