About Us


PADS stands for Produced and Done Sustainably, and well, as you may have guessed, our star items are cloth sanitary pads and reusable make up pads, all handmade in Ireland.

PADS' mission is to make your transition from disposable to reusable easy and hassle free. 

The growing zero waste trend is absolutely amazing, but don't you find it hard sometimes to juggle through the jungle of zero waste items available, especially with all the "greenwashing" going around? I certainly do.

Luckily, in Ireland, we have awesome dedicated small businesses making sure you get great quality eco-friendly products and PADS aims to be one of them.

Where does the idea for PADS come from?

First of all, I was sick of seeing all the waste in my bin at the end of each menstrual cycle. Knowing that disposable pads are not recyclable and would end up in a landfill didn't particularly please me. 

In addition to the waste, the amount of chemicals and plastic used to make a disposable sanitary pad is shocking. No one wants to put their intimate parts against possible carcinogens. Studies have shown that such residues can be present in disposable pads. 

So I started looking into alternatives and cloth sanitary pads came up. Now, to be honest, they didn't seem very appealing at first. However, for the good of the environment and my health I decided to give them a try. So after spending weeks researching suitable organic cotton fabrics, I made myself a few cloth sanitary pads. And I loved them! Loved wearing my pads and loved making them! 

I started thinking about other disposable items I could easily stop using and replace with reusables. 

From there I decided to launch my own business hand-making and selling reusable hygiene products made of GOTS certified organic cotton. To make accessories, such as the pouches that come with the reusable make up pads, I use upcycled fabric purchased from local charity shops. There is no reason to use cotton crops if the product isn't in contact with the skin.

Being completely zero waste is very hard, if not impossible, and I don't believe in extremes but if I can help you in your journey towards more sustainability then I'm very happy!

I have a background in Sustainable Development and I plan to put it to good use and start writing a blog about all things sustainable. If you're interested then you can sign up to receive updates. No spamming don't worry. No one likes that!

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact wecare@pads.ie


Cassandra Xx