Cloth Body Wipes (S / M / L)

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Ethical and Sustainable: Made with 2 layers of GOTS certified organic cotton. 
Zero Waste
Undyed and unbleached
3 different sizes to suit all usage
Label made of 100% recycled PET

Our reusable wipes are double sided. One side is made of very soft and absorbing fleece, the other of gently exfoliating micro-sponge.  

The cotton we use is 100% organic and GOTS certified, which means it is suitable for both normal and sensitive skins. 

Disposables wipes generate an incredible amount of waste and often end up polluting our coastlines. While wet wipes can be marketed as flushable, the reality is they often aren't and create "fatberg"

In addition, 90% of wet wipes actually contain plastic.

Our washable wipes are a great plastic free and zero waste alternative to disposable wipes.


How to wash your wipes? 

  1. Wash before first use
  2. Once you have a few dirty wipes put in a mesh wash bag and wash at a 40° cycle. 
  3. We recommend to leave your wipes to air dry.